Royal House of Gihanga

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Yuhi VI of Rwanda

Royal House ruled over the Kingdom of Rwanda until 1961 under Belgian protectorate. Dethroned in 1960 as result of the Civil War and following republican referendum.

One of the oldest and most important African Highest Aristocratic Houses.

Titular King of Rwanda Yuhi Vi is the nephew of the last ruling King of Rwanda Kigeli V who died 2016. Kigeli V has no children, and therefore his nephew Prince Emmanuel Bushayija has been proclaimed titular King of Rwanda in 2017 with throne name Yuhi VI.

Yuhi VI, titular King of Rwanda is bright representative of the brilliant aristocracy of the Africa.

Yuhi VI, titular King of Rwanda is Grand Master of the Dynastic Royal Orders of this Royal House.

Descendent of Gihanga, first ruler of Rwanda, therefore more than 1000 years of Royal blood.