Royal House of Muhammad Ali

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Noal Zaher Shah of Egypt and the Sudan - Princess of the Sa’id

Royal House ruled over Egypt and Sudan up to 1953. Dethroned as result of republican revolution.

This Royal Dynasty was founded by Muhammad Ali Pasha, an Ottoman Albanian Commander-in-Chief, who exercised the office equivalent to Viceroy of Egypt, when he proclaimed sovereignty of Egypt that was approved by the Ottoman Empire.

Crown Princess Noal is spouse to Crown Prince Muhammad Ali of Egypt, son of the King Fouad II.

Princess Noal is a granddaughter of the King (Padishah) of Afghanistan Mohammed Zaher Shah, who ruled over Afghanistan Kingdom to 1973.

By birth Crown Princess Noal belongs to Barakzai Dynasty, rulers of Kandahar and Peshawar, representatives of ruling dynasties of ancient India. Therefore more than 5000 years of Royal blood.