CEO's Message

We have established the Emerald Palace Group (EPG) in 1996, supported by a team of well experienced managers and engineers and it shall ensure that it has an echo in both the local and international market. Today, we’ve taken the company to a place of growth and expansion – a new chapter in the history of the Group. While we’re steadily moving forward, I firmly believe in the importance of staying true to our heritage. It includes a focus on key tourist destinations, sustainable growth, adherence to the best industry standards and the development of a multiskilled team that takes pride into bringing the Company vision to reality. I believe that we will continue doing so in the years to come, elevating our work to the next level.

Every single project adds to our experience and expertise and is valued and cherished because of the effort, the thought and the planning that have gone in the development process. The trust of partners, shareholders and investors has helped us move forward and we value their input greatly. We’ve gotten multiple opportunities through the years and we appreciate every single instance in which trust has been put in our hands. I know that the Group will keep on delivering consistently because we’re already well-established and confident in our market niche. Our goal is to keep bringing investors high returns and to keep on planning strategic projects that will expand our quality portfolio even further.

Our corporate strategy and mission are governed by a number of key concepts – super luxury, the highest execution quality of every single development, the provision of expertise-based solutions and passion for the work that we do every single day.

Attallah A. Salman – CEO of Emerald Palace Group